FTM Brighton Constitution

Amended March 2013

  1. The Purpose of This Document

    1. This document sets out the constitution of the association known as FTM Brighton.

    1. The group is open to anyone assigned female at birth, who identifies all or part of the time, as a gender other than female, which may include, but is not limited to, female-to-male transsexuals, trans men, genderqueer and agendered people.

    1. For the purposes of this document “FTM” shall be used henceforth to describe those defined in section 1.2

  1. Aim and Objectives

    1. The aim of FTM Brighton is to provide a forum for peer support, information, campaigning and activism for all members of FTM Brighton.

  1. The objectives of FTM Brighton are:

  • To facilitate a monthly meeting in Brighton for the members of FTM Brighton to socialise, provide mutual support and information.

  • To facilitate and promote education and activism regarding issues of concern to the members.

  • To network and work in partnership where appropriate with other organisations to pursue FTM Brighton’s aims and objectives.

  1. Equal Opportunities and Political affiliation

    1. FTM Brighton is an inclusive association where everyone is treated with respect and there is equal opportunity for all. FTM Brighton values the diversity of its membership and management committee (MC). Examples of discrimination that will not be tolerated include (but are not limited to) on grounds of gender identity, gender presentation, stage of transition, sexual orientation, race or ethnicity, nationality, age, physical and mental health/abilities, socio-economic status, religious belief, and political or other beliefs.

    1. FTM Brighton is politically independent and does not endorse any existing political party.

  1. Membership

    1. All the people as defined in paragraph 1.2 are welcome to attend FTM Brighton (except where that attendance is of demonstrable detriment to the well-being of the association – see 10).

    1. FTM Brighton considers all persons defined in paragraph 1.2 who have attended the monthly meeting at least twice, not including the AGM (where the AGM is separate to the monthly meeting), in the past 12 months to be members of FTM Brighton.

    1. Only members of FTM Brighton shall be allowed to vote at Annual General Meetings or Emergency General Meetings (AGM/EGM) or to stand for election to the MC.

    1. All members are encouraged to organise suitable and appropriate social events and group activities to fulfil aims set out in 2.2. Events must be open and welcoming and in line with sections 1 and 3 in this document.

  1. The Management Committee

    1. FTM Brighton will be coordinated and managed by a volunteer MC. The MC shall consist of no more than seven members and a minimum of three. MC members must be members of FTM Brighton.

    1. Members of the MC are elected at the AGM to serve a term for two years, which includes a two month probationary period.

    1. Members of the MC who wish to stand down before the end of their term must notify the MC in writing with at least one months notice. The MC member who wishes to stand down is obliged to find a temporary replacement should their standing down render the MC sub quorate. As soon as possible there should be an EGM to rectify the situation.

    1. Once elected the MC will nominate the positions of Chair, Treasurer and Secretary.

  • Chair – Named point of contact, nominal spokesperson, signatory of the account.

  • Treasurer – To coordinate responsible management of FTM Brighton’s funds and bank account, signatory of the account.

  • Secretary – To manage and co-ordinate the administrative functions of FTM Brighton, including managing the email account, keeping minutes of important meetings, signatory on the account.

    1. The MC shall be authorised to co-opt other members as it sees fit for specific tasks, with agreement from the member concerned. Such members participate in the MC until resignation or completion of the stated task.

    1. MC tasks include (but are not limited to): planning, arrangement and facilitation of monthly meetings, communication and consultation with the membership, financial management, publicity, research, liaison with external agencies and fundraising.

    1. All MC members are expected to attend AGM/EGM and relevant MC meetings. MC members are expected to attend at least two thirds of monthly meetings. Where possible, at least two MC members should attend the monthly meeting.

    1. The quorum for MC meetings shall be a simple majority of the serving committee. Quorate votes can be done via digital means if MC members are unable to attend in person.

    1. In the event of an MC meeting failing to be quorate, a decision can be taken and acted upon by Chair’s action if this is necessary before the next MC meeting can be convened.

    2. When engaged in FTM Brighton business, MC members must act at all times in accordance with this constitution and demonstrate the highest standards of integrity and good conduct. Failure to adhere to this standard may result in the member being removed from office and possible expulsion from FTM Brighton in accordance with the .

  1. Meetings

    1. Monthly meetings will be held on the 3rd Saturday of every month.

    1. FTM Brighton will ordinarily hold an AGM 12 months after the preceding AGM, but must hold an AGM no later than 15 months after the preceding AGM. EGMs may be convened at the discretion of the MC.

    1. All current members must be notified of an AGM at least one month prior to the date. An EGM requires one weeks notice.

    1. Nominees for the MC must register their interest at the AGM. Their candidacy must be proposed and seconded by two separate members of FTM Brighton. The MC will ask if there are any objections. If no, then the member is duly elected for an initial probationary period of two months. If members are unable to attend the AGM they can be nominated by proxy by members of the MC.

    1. Objections to a new MC member may be registered either in person during the nomination process, or in writing up to 30 days post election.

    1. New MC members have a two month probationary period before they are confirmed in office.

    1. In extraordinary circumstances any member may call for a vote of no confidence in the MC, which will require an EGM to be convened with external facilitators, as according to the .

    1. All questions arising at any AGM or EGM shall be decided by a simple majority of those present. In the case of a split vote, the Chair is to have the casting vote.

    1. Amendments to the Constitution and may only take place at an AGM or EGM.

  1. Rules of the MC

    1. The MC shall have the power to decide on the running of the management committee in accordance with the constitution.

  1. Financial Provisions

    1. The financial year shall run concurrent with the tax year, 5th April to 4th April.

    1. The committee shall have the power to raise funds and to invite and receive contributions from any person or persons by way of subscription, donation or otherwise. FTM Brighton may acquire by purchase or otherwise such goods as necessary to achieve and maintain its aims and objectives.

    1. The Treasurer shall administer FTM Brighton’s bank account. The Treasurer, Chair and Secretary will act as signatories for the account.

    1. With the support of the MC, the Treasurer is obliged to keep accurate and up to date records of FTM Brighton’s accounts. At the AGM the MC will present a statement of the previous years finances.

    1. Monies raised at meetings and at other events must be passed to the Treasurer for appropriate banking as soon as possible.

    1. The MC have the power to set the cost of entry to monthly meetings in order to cover costs incurred.

  1. Dissolutions

    1. If at a quorate MC meeting, the MC decides that it is necessary or advisable to dissolve FTM Brighton, it shall call an EGM.

    1. At least one month’s notice must be given, stating the terms of the proposed dissolution.

    1. If such a decision shall be confirmed by simple majority of those present at the EGM, the MC shall have the power to dispose of any assets held by or in the name of FTM Brighton. Any monies or assets left after all debts have been paid may be distributed to trans support organisations either nationally or internationally as agreed by the committee.

  1. Misconduct

    1. Members or guests may be instantly suspended from any meeting for inappropriate behaviour that conflicts with the constitution (including its equalities statement), its or that compromises the safety and good order of any meeting. MC members will be responsible for the decision to expel a member or attender.

    1. The MC shall also have the power to permanently expel a member or guest on grounds set out in 10.1. In such instances, a quorate meeting of the MC must agree the expulsion. This must then be communicated in writing (where possible) to the expelled individual within 20 working days.

    1. Should the individual wish to challenge a suspension or expulsion they may do so in accordance with the appeals procedure set out in the .

The above shall be the constitution of FTM Brighton.


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