We have a new name!

28 Nov

Our new logo, made by our very own Finnian Lytle

Why the new name you may ask?

Over the years we have come to realise that identifying our members by the term female is not ideal, it may serve a purpose, but we don’t need it in our name. Not to mention the fact that it excludes our members who are intersex.

Why Navigate?

We chose this name because we recognise that we all are or have been on our own journeys around our gender. We know that every now and then we may need some support working out the best routes to go for us, the best direction to turn, knowing where to stop for rest breaks and where to get support along the way. We want to be here to help people Navigate their way along their own journeys and we hope that you will join with us on this.

Is anything else changing?

No! We are still the same group; the only changes are those that we have already announced, new times and dates, and a new name. We are still a group for transgender men, trans masculine people, genderqueer people, non-binary people, those assigned intersex and/or female at birth that that fit somewhere else on or off the spectrum and for those who are questioning their gender identity.

When does this begin?

Our official first meeting as Navigate is on Saturday the 17th December 2016, 7pm-9pm at Space for Change. This is also our end of year party, so come along and join us for fun, festivities, and funny hats. This meeting is also an open one, so please feel free to bring along SOFFAs (Significant Others, Friends, Families and Allies)!

We also have a new website, http://navigatebrighton.wordpress.com and all of our social media will be changing to reflect this too. So head over to the new site and give us a follow!


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