Transgender Day of Visibility 2015

31 Mar

On Saturday, two days before TDOV 2015, the Amateur Swimming Association came to Brighton to present the findings of their LGBT&T swimming audit. Knowing that the Trans Swimming Sessions in Brighton were currently struggling, caught between being keenly wanted but under-attended, I went along eager to know if there were ways to increase numbers.

The results of the audit were interesting – a very small number of people who took the survey identified as trans, and the barriers they identified were anxieties about gendered changing rooms and wearing swimwear in public. These are barriers we are familiar with, but they can be overcome. Correct “swimwear”, for one is much more flexible than a lot of people think, and you can chat with the staff at the pool about what works if the usual costume/trunks isn’t for you.

I met with Michael Grier, who is involved with sports at Brighton and Hove Council, and we talked about how we could boost the numbers at the trans swimming in Brighton, encourage people to give it a try, build their confidence up.

I’d had in mind for a while to make a short video, inspired by the This Girl Can promo, to show trans people getting involved in different sports, overcoming the barriers, having fun. And it suddenly struck me that this would be a great film to release on TDOV. I did think at the time that it was a week away, not two days, but after sending out a rush of emails I found a handful of people free over the weekend and gathered as much footage as I could. Cue staying up til 4am on Monday night to edit it together and here is the finished result:



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