August 2014: LGBT Pride

13 Aug
trans guy holding a placard reading "save trans healthcare" in brighton lgbt pride parade

photo by Beth Granter


This year, FTMB had a big plan: we wanted to create a really strong trans presence in the Brighton LGBT Pride Parade. We have marched in previous years, either on our own or with members of The Clare Project, but we have usually been a small crowd, and have tended to get a little lost in the giant floats and spectacular costumes. This year the plan was for people to really notice us: banners, costumes, colour scheme and as many people as we could gather. We would chat with people who were anxious about marching and see if there was any way to make it work for them.

We had hoped to get 20 people, including friends and partners and families, and we didn’t quite make that, but it was still a cheerful turn out. Trans people from all over Sussex, and a lovely group from South London’s TransPals came together, all gorgeous in purple. Plus we had a car, complete with driver, thanks to a friend in the LGBT Safety Forum. Once we’d draped it with trans flags and balloons, it certainly gave us more presence.

We might not have been as spectacular as the Gay Men’s Chorus but the crowd saw us, they cheered, they read our banners. Its always great when you see someone read your sign and give an extra big cheer, you know it means something to them.


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