Trans Pride Brighton 2014

30 Jul

Where to even start? Trans Pride Brighton 2014 began on the friday night with a full line up of short films including new shorts from MyGenderation and documentaries and short fictions and music videos from all over the world. They were sometimes sad and sometimes sweet, but I left feeling acutely aware that while I may often move through my life unrestricted by being trans, that is not the general state of trans people worldwide. It was not a downer of an evening though, everyone was thrilled the weekend was kicking off, bumping into old friends, recognising some faces from the films in the lobby afterwards and taking it in turns to sift through a massive box of Trans Pride t-shirts to find your favourite colour.

The park event on the Saturday was a lovely repeat of the first year – small, safe, friendly and fun. The noticeable change this year was how many people knew of the event. As I was arriving at 10.00am to set up our stall I bumped into someone on the street who asked – “hey is this where trans pride will be today?”

I would rather be posting many more pictures up but I was busy for much of the day and didnt manage to take more than a handful. Here is a close up of the FTMB stall, featuring our first zine issue UNBINARY, which sold very well.

ftmb stall

It was blisteringly hot already by 11am when we walked down to The Marlborough to gather for the UK’s first ever Trans Pride March. Understand that when I heard that there might be 200 people showing up, I had been a bit skeptical. There was in fact 450 people! Including Mermaids and TMSA-UK and Gendered Intelligence and lots and lots of people who had dyed their hair in the trans flag colours. FTMB walked with our beautiful handmade FTMB banner.

Photo of the trans pride brighton march in 2014                                                                                                       photo by Angela Dee

As we walked the length of St James St, many of the shops had displayed posters from the Brighton Transformed exhibition, one of several places around Brighton that were displaying the images. Later, in the evening, after the park event had wound down, many of us sat on the Fitzherbert’s terrace on New Road and waited for the sun to sink enough that we could watch the projections of on the front of the Unitarian Church – the faces of trans people from Brighton projected up the side of a giant building. Someone behind me – someone I didn’t know – was cheerfully declaring over and over – this is wonderful!

brighton transformed 2014

The weekend continued at the Brighton Arts Club with music and dancing and then those who didn’t spend Sunday in their pajamas, went down to the beach for a picnic, others went swimming up at the Brighton Swimming Centre (where trans swimming sessions will be taking a short hiatus until September – check the facebook page for details).


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