July 2014: Zines and Things

20 Jul

Since there are now a zillion ways to create a blog of every shape and size and subject, Zines are somewhat archaic. But Im still fond of their tangible nature. We could do the same thing online, and we probably will, but it is pleasing to be able to hold a thing you have made, to leaf through the pages, to pick it up and put it down from time to time. I am not at all saying “oh it was better in the old days blah blah” because clearly FTMB is very happy with its blogging life. But just as a treat, just for a change, we are producing a zine to give away at Trans Pride and LGBT Pride*.

Feeling all artistic, one of our members who is involved in organising Trans Pride suggested we make an FTMB collective art piece for the Trans Pride Arts Tent. We set too it with gold and silver and black sharpies and if you want to see the finished piece you’ll just have to come down to New Steine Garden next weekend (july 26).

edited zine pic 1


*Donations welcome!


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