The “T” in “LGBT” Pride

23 May

I have taken part in Brighton LGBT Pride a few times and I’ve always felt a bit disappointed that within the 60 odd floats in the parade, there was only a tiny number of people marching for trans people’s rights and respect. There were a fair number of trans people marching, but a lot were on other floats.


Brighton is lucky enough to have a Trans Pride, separate from LGBT Pride. There are myriad reasons for this, including the separate issues trans people have, the different needs and our different place in society and culture to LGB people. LGBT Pride is a big event. We can use it to be visible. To stand up and show people that we are real people, not charactartures. And at LGBT Pride we can draw attention to the things we have in common, the fights we share with each other.

As someone* once said when asked why there is “LGBT”: we all get beaten up by the same people.

In practice it doesn’t always work like that. And for whatever reason there has been little trans representation in LGBT Pride.

This year Im organising a float of trans people and allies who will be marching for trans people. For equality, for visibility and for strength. There is going to be a planning meeting open to trans people and allies who’d like to help out.

LGBT PRIDE 2013 (13)

If you would like to attend please write to us at

The meeting will be:

Saturday June 7, 2-5pm


*If anyone knows where this quote originates, please let me know so I can reference them properly 🙂


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