Trans Relationships Book from TBA – want to join?

29 Sep

Ed from FTMB bumped into Lee from TBA last week and caught up with him about the latest projects TBA are involved in. Are you interested in being part of a project that will create a book on trans people and their relationships? These could be relationships with partners, family, children – anything that is important to you. And you can be entirely anonymous if you would like. Here’s a message from Lee:

Lee and Jay from TransBareAll and Sara Davidmann, a well known and respected photographer in the trans community, are joining forces for a new & exciting photographic book. We want to capture the diversity of relationships in the trans/gender queer community and we want you! We already have a number of stories, but are coming up to our deadline and are sending a final push to get as many people involved as possible. We do need a quick turn round so you’ll need to be available to be photographed in the next month. We’ll be launching the book next year. 


Our aim is to show the wide range of relationships that trans people form, how they evolve, what brings people together, and why. Alongside the images will be a small amount of text to tell your story, but the main emphasis will be on the photographs. Anyone can be involved, we want as wide a range of people as possible to take part. We’d like not only trans people themselves, but also their loved ones to be involved, if they so wish. You don’t have to be in, or even wanting a relationship either – that’s part of the diversity we want to explore. We’re also looking at a range of different relationships and not just intimate/romantic ones.  Although this is a photographic project, we’d also like to involve people who would like to remain anonymous, so that their stories can be heard. We are happy to arrange the images and text, with your input, in a way that would make this possible.

We will be respectful of your interests. Photographs and texts will only be used with consent and they will not be passed to any other 3rd party. If you are interested in contributing, or would like to discuss this more, please get in touch with us at:

Please feel free to pass this on to whoever you may think is interested.
(Illustration by Ed)

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