July 2013 – Trans Pride Brighton

1 Aug


“Trans Pride was a fantastic success, it was so cool that there was an event for trans folks like this. The whole day was really friendly and inclusive, I met lots of familiar faces and made many new friends, the whole day was a treat so many good things” – FTMB member

It was the first Trans Pride in the UK and rain was predicted, typically, but it didn’t stop us for a minute. FTMB got to the park about ten in the morning and found a cheerful gathering of people rushing about, putting up gazebos, opening bottles of cava that spilled all over the wet grass and putting out tshirts, flyers, biscuits, booklets, stickers and badges. We drank cava from plastic cups and laid out our stall. We had our brand spanking new flyers designed by the amazing Fox at SaluteHQ, home made gingerbread people and decorating icing for people to design into whatever body they wanted, portraits of trans men throughout history, paper and pens for people to draw their self portrait and a huge bowl of sweets to keep us on our feet.

trans pride brighton 2013 (13)

“The best bit for me was having a chance to meet a few guys that I only knew via Youtube. Next year, I am going to organise a camping weekend for our Youtube collab channel to meet and attend Transpride together (poss 10 – 15 of us)” – FTMB member

It was, in all, a glorious day. Over 1500 people showed up – quite a lot more than the anticipated 500 – and from speaking to people who came to the FTMB stall, they had come from all over the country. And even when it rained, we all just huddled together under the gazebos and waited it out, shared umbrellas, listened to the music from the stage where the acts get going. There were local poets and bands including To The Lighthouse who rushed together to play at Trans Pride. Musicians CN Lester and Wild and Caleb, poet Hel Gurney, and comedians Ben Pritchard and Bethany Black all gave great performances and Claire Parker held it all together. Even as the weather came and went, people stayed stretched out on the lawn, with blankets and picnics.

trans pride audience

Trans Pride Brighton stretched across the whole of the weekend, from the showing of the excellent, beautiful Tomboy (trailer here) at the Dukes@Komedia on the Friday night, the park on Saturday and the picnic on the beach on Sunday where the weather was distinctly better (sorry to talk about the weather so much but seriously! Its July!).

The thing I heard most often was “this is how Pride should be“. Trans Pride was born from both a need to show we are a thriving and distinct community and that Trans is not just the outskirts of LGBT, but also to create a Pride that was a community led event, that was at its heart an event about visibility, breaking isolation, celebrating the local community and all the work it does. This was a Pride I felt part of and I hope it continues each year, with the same ideals, the same closeness, the same wonderful people, and lots of new people.


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