July 2013: MyGenderation

23 Jul

We had a very moving and thoughtful meeting this month. Fox from SaluteHQ in Brighton and My Transsexual Summer brought some of the short documentaries he and Lewis Hancox have been making about gender variance. The MyGenderation films are short and beautiful and aim to capture I think all the varieties of gender that exist, and certainly won’t be dumbing it down.

Trans people are of course usually seen on film or on television in products produced by cisgendered people, whose aim might be to inform the audience and genuinely explore gender and demonstrate its complexity. Or it might be that trans people always get good viewing figures because we are seen as strange and deviant.

It is important that trans people make their own films, write their own tv series, write their own novels, take their own portraits. I’m not suggesting cisgendered people couldn’t possibly understand, because some of them could be parents or partners of trans people, people who have lived closely with someone who has explored their given gender and gained a lot of insight. But it is important that we tell our own stories, in our own words, that we choose what to include and what to edit out, that our own perspective informs the questions we think worth asking.

MyGenderation join the minority of productions made by trans people about trans people. I do not know all the trans film makers out there, I shall do some research and write another post about what I find! I can point you towards Still Black: A Portrait of Black Trans Men made by Dr Kortney Ryan Ziegler which is excellent.


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