Meeting the media

18 May

Not many people know this, but the Brighton and Hove City Council Trans Scrutiny, which has been conducted over the last year, was initiated in response to contact from members of FTMB and The Clare Project. Both the FTMB committee and our members have been actively involved in the whole process, speaking at scrutiny hearings, sitting in on long council meetings, to show that the trans community was invested in this whole process. It was essential to us that this work both reflected the real needs of the Brighton trans community, and that those implementing the changes had a solid understanding of why changes were needed.

After The Argus reported a highly distorted story of what was happening as a result of the scrutiny, we were contacted by the BBC south east news and BBC Radio Sussex to speak directly about the work of the scrutiny and its importance to set the record straight.

The breakfast radio show we did and the news item aren’t online anymore unfortunately! But there was a news story.

The work that comes out of the Brighton Council Trans Scrutiny won’t always be obvious, it is often work behind the scenes of how the city is run, such as giving training, or allocating funding. But it is all essential work. A much better article in The Argus appeared here describing the work the scrutiny covered.


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