September 2012 meeting: hallo soffas!

27 Sep

Our meetings are usually closed to people who arent transmasculine or genderqueer, but new members sometimes ask if they can bring along a friend or partner to their first meeting for moral support. We have debated whether its the right decision to be closed to SOFFAS (that stands for significant others, friends, family, allies) but continued to feel that having a space to be able to talk about your feelings about your body, your transition, your relationship, your sexuality etc without having your partner or maybe your parents there was important.

Some trans groups are open to soffas or have a separate soffas group (The Clare Project is a weekly drop-in in Brighton for anyone exploring their gender identity and their significant others, FTMLondon meets monthly and has a separate group for soffas). SOFFAS have separate needs to trans people and can sometimes feel their voices arent heard. So for our September meeting we thought we’d invite the soffas along and see if there was any interest in having something more regular.

There was some good discussion about dating a trans person and dealing with your partners transition, and lots of it positive. After the meeting we decided the more informal, public social meetings (the ones rather haphazardly organised inbetween our regular monthly meetings) would now be always open to SOFFAS, so if any partners or family members had questions or worries or just wanted a chat, there would be someone there.

If you would like to kept up to date with our social meetings, you can join our mailing list. Just contact us and let us know you’d like to join – dont forget to give us your email address.


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