June 2012 Meeting: Juliet Jacques

20 Jun

Really good meeting last saturday (june 16). We had Juliet Jacques come to give a talk on the history of transgenderism, starting from around the early nineteenth century, going up the present day. Juliet Jacques is a journalist whose writing on gender/ trans/ queer subjects has appeared in the guardian, time out and new statesmen amongst others. Her ongoing blog describing her gender transition was published in the guardian fortnightly and you can read it here.

Lots of key figures covered in her talk including –

James Barry, Leslie Feinberg, Micheal Dillion, Christine Jorgenson

Sylvia Rivera, Boulton and Park, Harry Benjamin, Jan Morris

Janice Raymond, Richard von Krafft-Ebing, Magnus Hirschfeld, Lili Elbe

Other main points from the meeting:

1] there will be a public meeting of the trans scrutiny on july 10, 5-7pm, at the friends meeting house
2] at our next meeting [july 21] the scrutiny team will be coming to the meeting to hear your views
3] as the scrutiny will probably take over the whole meeting we’re going to have a second July meeting – details to follow.
4] we’ve been invited to walk with the LGBT workers forum in the pride parade


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