Trans Scrutiny Panel

14 May

Council scrutiny to examine trans equality

A cross party group of councillors is for the first time to investigate issues facing the trans community in the city.

The trans community are being asked to share their experiences of life, work and leisure in Brighton and Hove.

As an acknowledgement that trans people suffer discrimination in how they access services and have particular vulnerabilities in relation to safety, an independentScrutiny Panel has been established by Brighton & Hove City Council to consult and recommend actions on issues of concern to the trans population of the City.

The Members of the scrutiny panel, Councillors Denise Cobb, Phelim MacCafferty and Warren Morgan plan to invite a trans man and trans woman to join the panel as co-optees

People are invited to give their views at public meetings being held around the city starting in June or by giving information to the scrutiny panel in other ways.

Councillor Phelim MacCafferty, Chair of the Panel, said:

”There has been inadequate awareness for too long about the trans community when it comes to things like their safety, welfare and how they access goods and services.

In setting up this panel we send out a very clear signal that the prejudice the trans community face is something that we will do everything in our power to stamp out.

We look forward to trans people letting us know their views, so that we can recommend action on the main issues.”

Co-ordinator for LGBT Health and Inclusion Project Nick Douglas will be assisting the panel.

Interested parties are invited to attend the public meetings or submit their views in other ways if they wish. The Panel would like to know in advance if people would like to speak at the meetings and further information can be supplied on request.

Please contact the Scrutiny Team via twitter: @BHscrutiny

Or on,

telephone (01273) 29 1110

or write to:

Trans Equality Scrutiny Panel

c/o Scrutiny Team, R128 Kings House

Grand Avenue, Hove BN3 2RS


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