April 2012 Meeting: appearing in the media

25 Apr

For our april meeting we had Fox from “my transsexual summer” and Lee from “make me a man” (2002) come along and talk about what it is like to appear in the media, and answer our questions about the pros and cons of being out on tv. Lee and Fox had a lot of good stuff to say on the subject and certainly I was left feeling very wary of any television company who wanted to film me. On the other hand, many of us had been positively influenced by tv documentaries, despite their faults.

Visibility for transmen and transmasculine people, and even more so for genderqueer people I think, is a difficult subject. For me, I could see how important it was for there to be transmen out there, talking to the media, writing books, advising businesses, journalists, tv writers, governments etc. But personally, I didn’t feel able to do it. And fairly soon into my transition, I was passing easily, and so being out would have been a decision I could make or not. And I was very wary. It was good therefore to hear from Lee that even after being in two hour long documentaries, on at prime-time, with widespread promotion, after it had aired he only got recognised a handful of times.

“make me a man” came out before youtube was so huge and there is only one version of it on there that I have found, its grainy, but watchable. “my transsexual summer” however is up now, all four full length episodes:

My Transsexual Summer

Make Me A Man


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